One of the main functions of an effective device base is to eliminate any vibrations that might interfere with the hi-fi device, such as low ground
vibrations, people walking through the room, sonic feedback etc.

The NEWTON equipment bases use a novel air suspension-based technology with a combination of coupling and decoupling the devices to the environment.
They are therefore unique in their conception and set new standards on the quest for clarity and purity of sound.
No one has to choose between „hard-coupled“ and „soft de-coupled“ anymore!

The technology of the NEWTON air suspension damping elements used in the plinths perfectly combines the advantages of both methods to eliminate all kinds of unwanted vibrations.
Thus it hardly matters where the device is set up.

In particular the character of the surface or support hardly has any impact on the conciseness of the musical reproduction – and therefore sound quality – anymore.
The device placed on the platform is “hard coupled” with this platform. Music impulses remain precise and strong and are not "softened" or "attenuated" - as often happens with a soft de-coupling.

The air suspension damping element intercepts and eliminates the derived vibrations promptly in a controlled manner. Thus, the background is not induced and consequently adds no unwanted
vibrations to the musical signal.

The air suspension damping element also effectively eliminates potential vibrational feedback to the devices (sound waves from loudspeakers, someone walking in the room etc.)

On top of that it is possible to adjust to different loads by adjusting air pressure, keeping suspension behaviour virtually constant – a vital feature for the use in device bases.

Device Bases